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 General Information 

Hello everyone, let me introduce myself if you have not met me. I am Melissa Nancarrow and I am the district 08 director for 2018. There has been some questions and information lost in the previous years, so I thought this would be a good way to distribute some information concerning our district. Now some of you old timers already know this information, but I want to make sure that our new members and members from other districts are up to date and aware of all the information before it is too late.

​•Entering for district 08 shows-    Starting at the Branford 9/8/18 show - We will no longer be taking pre entries.  There will be a computer draw.
Entries will open at 10 am   you must complete and sign the entry form and pay to be entered.  Unless you have someone that will do this for you.  At 11:30 am I will post the first draw.  This will be to help accommodate and prepare to those needing to give meds to horses.  Entries will stay open until the first horse runs and then I will post the final draw.  If you would rather be in the second draw to have more time to prepare then just advise and I will enter you in the computer for the second draw.  
Also please be reminded that it is the CONTESTANTS responsibility to know when and what horse you are running.  If you run out of order you will be disqualified.   This is a World wide organization and these shows are sanctioned under NBHA rules and determine state and world qualifications.  Please take this seriously because if you break a rule I will be forced to comply with the rule book and no matter how much I may like you or hate to do it,  you will be disqualified resulting in no points and no payout.

Now regarding your horse’s names when entering. The rule states: 14. At all NBHA sanctioned shows, the draw shall be done in a random manner. (computer, shuffling cards, drawing numbered chips, etc.) All horses in the draw must be named. Riders with multiple entries must ride their horses in the position in which they draw up. Once set, the draw may not be changed  
This was copied from the rule book and basically states that your horse must be named. This does not have to be a registered name it can be a barn name. Now you can do a horse change before the show starts however you can NOT change a horse that was entered in the draw with another horse already entered in the draw. For example, Mary enters the following in the Open.
Flash is #21 Buttercup is #60 & Big Joe is #73 Mary cannot change #60 buttercup to any other number already drawn. Mary can change buttercup #60 to a different horse say Little bit. If it becomes a pattern that someone is trying to cheat a manipulate the draw every show by entering horse’s names that you clearly do not own, then I will refer the situation up to NBHA management and leadership for review. I hope this clears up any confusion that we may have and help us all work together and be fair with one another. 

Awards and nomination fees-  Most districts due to the lack of funds require a nomination fee to eligible for the year end awards. Most districts require it at the beginning of the calendar year or first show, but I have decided this year that we are not going to have this and all eligible members that qualify for an award will receive one.   I am also asking for some fund raising ideas to help cover the award money generated from this nomination fees.

Awards Banquet -  Each year we like to gather together and have a fellowship together and recognize all our champions. This is usually in the spring, so I can order the buckles and have them in before the banquet. I like to find a central location within the district and it much be very cost effective or free. It has previously been covered dish and will continue unless we have some suggestions. I will have a date soon and will update everyone one that is confirmed. I am also looking for help and or an awards committee if anyone is interested please contact me.

World Qualifiers-  At the end of the year points are accumulated and the top 5-10 depending on what NBHA headquarters decides for the year will qualify for the OPEN, YOUTH or SENIOR World Championships currently held in Perry, Ga. You do NOT need a nomination fee for this just maintain your NBHA membership in good standing.

Buckle Sponsors- The following 2 years we have had Buckle sponsors for our OPEN, SENIOR & YOUTH Classes. You do not need a nomination fee to receive your buckle since the buckles are provided by sponsors. The award nomination fee is for the awards such as the tack and other items NOT the buckles. The 2017 & 2018 years we have had an overwhelming support from our sponsors and we will be awarding buckles for the following classes and the sponsors: 

OPEN – Security Safe Company in Obrien. 1-800-338-5088 

SENIOR- Gator Horse Trailers in Ocala. 352-483-2414  

This year we found 2 sponsors and was able to award buckles in both our Youth age divisions. We are extremely thankful for all our sponsors for making this happen.

YOUTH- (up to 12yr old) Anderson Columbia Texas Division-  

TEEN- (13-18 yr old) Paradise Plumbing Services - 386-288-6407  

Please support these businesses when you can. Some of them are fellow members of our district and I am sure not only will you get excellent service, but they will be thankful and help support us again in the future.  

Florida State Finals-  To qualify you must run in 3 or more shows in your declared district. This means if you are a member and declare Fl08 it is 3 shows in district 08 not other districts. The time to qualify with the 3 shows is after state show June 2018 – June 2019 State show. You also must maintain your membership while attending these shows and the state finals. So, if your membership expires and you attend a show in your district while you are expired then that show does NOT count as one of your 3 shows.  

I hope this information is beneficial and will help clear up any confusion. I look forward to seeing each and everyone of you at the next barrel race.

Thank You and God Bless,

Melissa Nancarrow 

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I plan on having this information in a handout available at all future shows.