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Director:  Melissa Nancarrow
307 SE 138 avenue
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I hope that everyone had a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving with family & friends.

12/9/17 at Live Oak Covered Arena

The 2017 year is quickly coming to an end.   I have updated the points and should we have a tie for 1st place in one of the divisions we will need to determine if we would like to combine awards and get 2 buckles or have a run off.
Lets wait and see if we have any ties.  Right now everything looks good.
I am working on the beginning of the 2018 schedule and if you have a suggestion please let me know and I will listen and take it into consideration

Buckle Sponsors Needed for 2017

Security Safe Co. will be sponsoring our Open buckles.

I have a sponsor for the Youth Buckles.

We do NOT have buckle sponsors for the SENIORS so please get with me if you are interested or have a business that maybe interested.   This year is coming to an end real soon and without sponsors for all of the classes I cannot give out buckles.

Canterbury Show 2018

I have scheduled another co sanctioned show at Canterbury in 2018 this will be co sanctioned with district 02 and it will also be a 2 days and 2 shows.   It will be May 5 and 6 2018.

Banquet Ideas

Please get with me on your ideas for a banquet.
What do you think of using the same location the the Branford Riding Club uses for their banquet?  It is in Branford.  If not please give me a recommendation and keep it affordable.

Thank you all for everything you do to make this district the best.
Love you all,

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Thank You,  Melissa