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Newberry, FL  32669
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Hey Everybody!

2/28/15  The show today in Live Oak is canceled. Please spread the word. Will try to reschedule. Next show will be at Johnny Butlers 3/7/15.


The three district show at End of the Trail was a great turnout and beautiful weather. District 9 did a wonderful job with the show!  A huge thanks to Lori Butler and her crew.

Tiffney Brantley and Lightning won the Open with a 14.769.
Maddyjo Knight and Rosie were the fastest member in the Youth with a 15.376.
Gay Wynn and Speed Dialin won the Seniors with a 14.889.

Our next show will at Live Oak on 2/28/15. Hope to see everyone there!

We had our first of the year meeting and a few things have been changed.
We voted to increase our Open entry to $26. This will add another $1 to our awards.
Youth and Senior entries will remain the same.

The district voted to continue with payouts and awards the same as last year.
If you would like to receive awards at the end of the year and place in the top 5 of a division (4D format) then the following must be paid by the State show in June.
Open: $30
Youth: $15
Seniors: $15

Melissa Nancarrow has volunteered to keep track of the money and also to do the awards  this year. Melissa will be at most of the shows but you may also mail her the money if you wish. Please make checks out to Melissa Nancarrow.
Melissa Nancarrow
307 SE 138th Ave
Micanopy, FL 32667

The District  voted to not have any more shows at the Ryland Arena. Please check the schedule as some of the venues have changed.

Dress code will be enforced at the shows. No tank tops. Sleeveless shirts are fine. No short shirts. Shirts must be tucked in or long enough that they don't come up over your pants. Riders must wear boots. Verbal warnings will be given and then possible disqualifications. If you have to ask about whether a shirt is legal or not then change it.

This will be my last year as the Director of FL 08. If anyone has an interest in becoming the director please get with me at the shows.

There are some new rules this year for the NBHA. Points in all classes will be done in a 5D format. We can still pay out however we want to as a district. They are also re-instating the one year membership rule in order to use a wild card. This means you must be a member for at least one year before you can use a wild card to go to any of the world shows. And the last change is that there is no limit to how many horses you can qualify back to the finals in a division at the world, national, or state shows. 

If we have any open holes in the draw prior to the show starting all draws will be moved up to fill in the slots. I try to estimate how many entries we have at the shows but sometimes we have more or less. 

 Welcome to all our new members! I hope everyone will make them feel at home in our district.

Go FL 08 - Ain't It Great!