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Director:  Melissa Nancarrow
307 SE 138 avenue
Micanopy Fl, 32667

Our Jasper show ended the year 2016 and WOW what a great year it has been.  The Open was won by Michelle Starling on Rain with a smoking 15.199.  The Youth class was won by Emily Ellison on Mello with a 15.507 and Seniors was won by Dave Ralph on Earnest with a 15.330 with our Fastest 08 member being Debbie Pelletier on Dallas with a 15.802.  Congrats to all of our winners.

Points have been updated......

If you qualified for an award.  Please get with me ASAP.  I need the following information.
1.  Your shirt and/or Jacket size.
2.  Your horses blanket size ( ex. 78" or 80") and favorite color.
3.  Any other wish list or items you may need.

I am working on the 2017 schedule and will post it soon.  Our first show will not be until the 3rd or 4th weekend in January for those wanting to attend the No Bull race in Jacksonville.  We will not have a show scheduled that weekend.

Meeting on 11/5/16
Here is what was discussed at our meeting:

  • 1.  Several of the arenas that we rent have started requiring general liability insurance and proof of coverage.  I have researched and a policy for the year 2017  will cost the district approximately $500.  The company that I have chosen is very familiar and cover several of Florida's NBHA districts & barrel racing clubs/ arenas.  
  • 2.  Seniors Entry Fees / Payout.  Upon review of  2016 shows to date, the district has lost money with the current entry fee and payout.  The breakdown for $10 entry fee ($11 run) is:  $6 payout, $1 state, $2 awards, $1 office = $10 or ($11 run).  we average 25 to 35 riders a show.  This means we collect $25-$35 towards our $100 added money and therefore losing $65 to $75.  The Seniors entry fee will increase to the same amount as the Youth entry fee of $15 ($16 run) and this should sustain our added money and minimize our loss. Now I did have a suggestion to quit our Seniors payout and just run Seniors for points and awards. This would mean Seniors would pay $3 for Carry overs and $5 for runs and you would earn points and year end awards only.  If you would like to do this instead of running for money please let me know.  This will be a majority of the Senior riders decision not mine so please let me know how you feel.

  • 3.  Open Entry Fee-  Starting the first show in 2017 the entry fee will increase to $28.  The extra $1 will help pay for our insurance premium and our barrel setters.  We have had an issue getting barrel setters for a few years now so we are going to pay $10 a hour and have 2 barrel setters when the show starts.  I will have a sign up sheet and if  you are interested in setting barrels at the show please get with me before or at the show to sign up.  We will pay our cash at the completion of the show for the amount of time you set a barrel.  You do not have to set barrels for the entire show if you would like to set for just a few hours that is fine also but we must plan ahead of time.  
  • 4.  I asked about scheduling some of the shows near the summer later in the day.  We have several members and families that compete and are members of the local riding clubs and this would interfere with their club rides so since I did not have enough response wanting to have shows at time we are going to keep all shows at the same  start time 12:30 pm
  • 5.  We will be hosting our own Co Sanctioned NBHA show at Canterbury​ with districts 02 & 09 on Saturday May 6 and Sunday May 7, 2017.  We will have $1500 added money each day with pending added money for our youth and senior classes.  I will be looking into possibly exhibitions and a warm up race on that Friday night.  I am very excited as this should benefit our district and a chance to make some money for the districts and our awards the following year.  Also I had several member express concern over us always traveling to Ocala and outside our district so I hope this helps everyone. 

Last but not least.  I did have sponsors commit to our Seniors and Open Buckles.  Once we have finalized everything I will have the information available on these sponsors. 
PLEASE say Thank You and support our sponsors. ​

 Thank You to all of our awards buckle sponsors.  Please make sure that you give thanks and support these businesses.  

Go FL 08 - Ain't It Great!

Please say a word of thanks and support our sponsors.
Without them and their generous donations these buckles would not be possible.  

Thank You to
Travis Harris & Aspen Harris 
2016 Awards Buckle Sponsor