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Next Show is 2/17/18 at Cross City Arena

I Will be taking pre-entries for this show.   I have the instructions and information below for pre-entering the show.  Pre-Entries will Open Monday before the show and go thru the thursday before the show so for Cross City it will be 2/12/17 thru 2/15/17.  I will post the pre draw on Friday sometime.  Please notify me ASAP (before the predraw preferably) if you need to draw out for any reason. Now you can still enter the day of the show when you arrive up til the first horse in the open enters the arena thru the timer.  Then ALL open entries will close. All of these entries will be added on.

 Entering for district 08 shows- This year we are going to start taking pre-entries the week of a FL08 show only. The pre-entries will be by text or call to me at 352-745-6705 or you can email narrowfarm@gmail.com but I prefer the phone. Information needed will be the following:
Rider’s Name  
Horses Name(s)
Open or Youth or Seniors and if it will be a run or carry over FOR EACH HORSE
NBHA member number and district 
You can also fill out an entry form and take a picture if you like.

The pre-draw will be posted on our NBHA FL 08 Facebook page and the website. Entries will be taken the day of the show until the first horse runs, and that draw will follow behind the pre-draw and will be computer generated and posted after the first horse runs. So for example, we have 63 pre-entries then the add on or entries day of the show will be added on and starting with 64 til the end.  
If you enter the pre-draw and unable to attend, please notify me ASAP. If you do not notify me before the show (please not the morning of the show unless it’s an emergency or such type situation) then you will be responsible for the entry fees to be paid to NBHA FL 08.  

Now regarding your horse’s names when entering. The rule states: 14. At all NBHA sanctioned shows, the draw shall be done in a random manner. (computer, shuffling cards, drawing numbered chips, etc.) All horses in the draw must be named. Riders with multiple entries must ride their horses in the position in which they draw up. Once set, the draw may not be changed  
This was copied from the rule book and basically states that your horse must be named. This does not have to be a registered name it can be a barn name. Now you can do a horse change before the show starts however you can NOT change a horse that was entered in the draw with another horse already entered in the draw. For example, Mary enters the following in the Open.
Flash is #21 Buttercup is #60 & Big Joe is #73 Mary cannot change #60 buttercup to any other number already drawn. Mary can change buttercup #60 to a different horse say Little bit. If it becomes a pattern that someone is trying to cheat a manipulate the draw every show by entering horse’s names that you clearly do not own, then I will refer the situation up to NBHA management and leadership for review. I hope this clears up any confusion that we may have and help us all work together and be fair with one another. 
 please call, text or email me.  

WOW what a great year 2017 has been!!! 
I have updated all of the points & shows for last year.  
 Also the 2017 World Qualifiers
are posted.   

2018 Awards

A Huge thank you to all of our Buckle Sponsors.  We have sponsors for Open, Senior, and both age divisions in the youth.  So that means the 1st place youth up to 12 yr old and the teen 13yr-18yr old will each get a buckle.

Here is the 2018 Awards qualifiers.  

I hope to have a date set for the banquet shortly.

Thank you all for everything you do to make this district the best.  I could not do it without a great team of members.
Love you all,

Director:  Melissa Nancarrow
307 SE 138 avenue
Micanopy Fl, 32667
Please read thru all of the topics below:   
Thank You,  Melissa