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Director:  Melissa Nancarrow
307 SE 138 avenue
Micanopy Fl, 32667
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Entry Form for Ocala Rodeo Grounds   
If you would like to be in the Pre- Entries complete the 
form and mail you entry fee and form to Lori Butler before 
11/7/16.   Add on & late entries will be taken the day of 
the show.    The pre draw will be posted the day before
the show.

 If you have not read below and gave me you input please do so.  I really want everyone to let me know how they feel and all suggestions are welcome.  If you don't tell me then I will not be able to take it into consideration when it comes time to make a decision.  You may call, email, text or message me.  If you Facebook message on the Facebook message I do not get a notification so this may NOT be the best way to reach me as I have noticed problems here lately.  

Now,  I have a few things that I am considering for next year and would like to have the members input.  

1. Barrel setters in the arena.  This has been an issue for several years now and since district 08 produces our own show so that we can have more money in the payout we are responsible for providing our own barrel setters.  Unless we have a double header and if we continue to have these shows that is something that I will address and confirm ahead of time is that they will provide barrel setters just as 08 district does. So that our members are not the only ones setting barrels in the arena.  Now the only other option for our 08 shows next year if this continues is to pay for 2 barrel setters and have people sign up working at these shows.

2.  I would like to know what people think about having our shows scheduled in May, June and possibly September in the evening and at night.  These shows would most likely need to start with exhibitions around 4 pm and the open at 6:30.  I know it would make for a late night say around midnight finishing up but we would have less time out in the sun and heat since say 7 pm it is really starting to cool off.  We will need to consider our afternoon thunderstorms and the chance of rain. 

3.  Arenas have been increasing the arena rent or amount we pay to have a show at the 
facility.  This is cutting into our added money and we just can not afford to pay some of the 
amounts these arenas are wanting to charge.  In order to continue scheduling shows at some of these arenas, I will need to increase our exhibitions by $1 or find alternatives to cover the expenses of the arena, tractor, added money and insurance that some arenas are requiring in addition to the rent. 

These are some situations that we are dealing with and possible ideas that I would like to know how the members feel about them.  Please feel free to email me, text, call or just come talk to me with you ideas and thougths.   I will listen and take all of this into consideration as maybe some of you have some great ideas that may work even better.

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone at Williston Horseman's Park on 10/15/16 and if you can please attend the benefit show for our long time 08 member Stacey Hoyt on 10/8/16 at the Williston Horseman's Park.  I know I will be there.

 Thank You to Gator Horse Trailers of Ocala for sponsoring 
    our Youth 2016 Award Buckles.

Don't Forget !!!!!

We still need buckle sponsors for Open & Seniors

If you know of a potential business or sponsor please let me know the sponsorship is $500 for the Open and $350 for the Seniors. This will include a business card size ad on our webpage and recognition on the facebook page. Also will include announcing and or banner at the NBHA sanctioned barrel races as our buckle sponsor.

Go FL 08 - Ain't It Great!
2016 state show was great once again.   Congratulations to Charlene Cason & Pete our 2016 3D State Champions.  I am very proud of everyone in our district that competed. 
 Already looking forward to next year.  
Please thank and support our sponsors.
Without them and their generous donations these buckles
would not be possible.  I bought my trailer from Gator Trailers and we have been very pleased.